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SIBO Water and Sanitation Company Limited (SIBOWASCO) was established as a Private limited liability Company limited by guarantee on 14th June 2006 under the Companies Act No. 17of the year 2015.

On 27th June 2006 the Company was contracted through a Service Provision Agreement (SPA) by Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency (LWSWDA) to provide water and sanitation services to the residents of Siaya and Bondo and the surrounding towns.

SIBOWASCO is fully owned by the Government of Kenya through shareholding of 5,000 shares drawn from  seven Councils as detailed below:-

 Governor’s office 1 Share, County Govern of Siaya 4999 Shares.


Professionalism: The level of excellence or competence that is expected of all staff at SIBOWASCO

To promote a passion for efficiency and quality in the services we provide and consistently performing to high standard, we commit to adhere to impeccable professional and personal standards. As SIBOWASCO, we shall exercise high levels of professionalism in our work and reward merit. We will conduct ourselves with utmost dignity, our character will be beyond reproach and our professional expertise and attitude will be evident in the quality of our tasks and interactions with customers, stakeholders and partners.

Integrity: Embracing honesty and truthfulness in discharging our responsibilities.

To build trust with those we serve, both inside and outside the company, we commit to uphold high levels of integrity.  This involves knowing and doing what is right regardless of personal cost. SIBOWASCO is committed to observe absolute honesty and integrity in all our activities and operations. We will adopt zero tolerance to unethical behavior.  We shall strive to be honest, fair and ethical in everything we do and in all our dealings with customers, suppliers, investors, co-workers and our neighbors in the communities in which we operate.

Customer focus: Being sensitive to the needs of customers, other stakeholders, and the environment. To ensure quality service delivery and customer growth, we commit to ensure that we all understand the needs of both our internal and external customers’ and develop systems and process that lead to customer satisfaction/experience. We will always have a customer-first mentality and organizational culture; we will embrace initiatives that espouse the tenets of world-class customer care; we will treat customers with courtesy, respect and speed, and we will go a step further to exceed their expectations. We shall also ensure specific customer satisfaction standards are met and will actively monitor customer satisfaction, taking steps to clarify and meet their needs and expectations.

Teamwork: supporting each other and harnessing different skills to create a superior performance culture

To deliver our services effectively and efficiently, we shall create a team based culture in SIBOWASCO. We shall work collaboratively towards our common goal of serving our customers regardless of individual roles or functions and apply the same ethos with our stakeholders and partners. We will work as a team and advocate an organization-wide philosophy that hard work is a virtue worth committing passionately to. In the process, we will endeavor to derive an environment where each team member will feel appreciated.


The overall goal is derived from the mission of the company which entails provision of quality, reliable and affordable Water and Sewerage Services to the residents of Siaya County. This is done through successful implementation of the following objectives:

  • Improved access to quality water;
  • Introduction of Sewerage Services;
  • Improved quality and reliability of service;
  • Development of a strong and well managed Water Services Company;
  • Achieving Operational Financial Sustainability;
  • Enhanced stakeholder awareness on water sector reforms;
  • Integrated Environmental concerns  in operations
  • Integrated Gender and HIV/AIDS concerns;


In the discharge of the mandate, the company is expected to undertake following responsibilities:

  • Provide quality and economical water and sanitation services to consumers
  • Bill for water and sanitation services and ensure timely collection of dues
  • Routinely maintain water and sanitation services infrastructure
  • Ensure that the minimum service level requirements as per the SPA is adhered to.
  • Liaise closely with LVSWSB for asset development.